Top Destinations in India

India is home to some charismatic places which includes Goa, Kerala, Shimla and Manali. These four places in India have something very special in them that tourists visit these places every now and then. The best part is every place in this list is dubbed with some other name. Goa it is also known as the party capital of India. Kerala is known as God’s own country. Shimla is known as the Queen of the Hills. Manali is known as The Valley of Gods. Each and every title given to them is apt and justifies every bit of the place.


Valley of God’s is what Manali is all about. It is home to some spellbound temples which you must visit. The solace place is all about beauty and only beauty. The protruding hills of Manali are a sign of dominance over the other hill stations in India. The nearby places in Manali such as Kullu, Manikaran also has something for you in the bag. Manikaran is a holy place which is revered by Sikhs and Hindus from all across the globe. Then there is Kullu embedded with rich flora and fauna. These two places nearby Manali should be on the list. It’s all different out there in Manali calm, peaceful and filled with serenity. So people these are some of the top notch destinations in India which you cannot let go.


As we very well know this place is dubbed as the Queen of the Hills. It is the Queen of all the hills when compared to any hill station in India. Shimla is a place which is world renowned for its alluring beauty. There are some cracking places nearby Shimla also which are a must visit. The list includes Naldhera, Chail and Kufri. The most happening place in Shimla is The Ridge the hub for all cultural activities. It’s a road with open space where you get all the interesting stuff. There are small eateries, shops and many more things to explore. Kufri, Chail and Naldhera differ from each other in every aspect. Every place has its own specialty which charms the visitors. So you cannot even think about ignoring Shimla when it comes to visiting destinations which cannot be missed. All in all it is a place which cannot be missed out on. Now lets move ahead and witness the jewels of Kerala.


The title only justifies the place God’s own country. Kerala is nothing short of a ripper of a place when it comes to beauty. It is under the list of top 10 must visit destinations in the world. So just imagine what you would miss out on if you don’t visit the Incredible Kerala. It is home to some excellent backwaters, beaches and jaw dropping hill stations. Kerala does not miss out on wildlife also Thekkady a place which is home to as many as 33 national parks. It is a wildlife hub in Kerala. Just imagine the diversity God’s own country offers you. Kerala is also home to a beautiful hill station that is Munnar. When you visit Munnar the experience you get can’t be expressed in words. It leaves an indelible mark in your mind. The cold breeze when hits your face the feel is unimaginable. The best part of Kerala is its unending natural beauty. Now let’s step onto some other cracker jacker destinations.


It feels this is a place which is not a part of India. You see zillions of foreigners flooding in every year. The aura in Goa is all together different. It would feel as if you have come to a party place. Another specialty adds to Goa which is the beaches. There are some class apart beaches in Goa which can make you fall in love with them. How can one forget about partying when one is in Goa? This place is a hub for partying. People can visit some top notch places and enjoy a lot in the clubs. On the other hand Goa has some rich history too. Goa is home to many beautiful and mesmerizing churches also. South and North are like poles apart. You get some fiery atmosphere in North Goa. There are happening people, parties all over the place. On the other hand there is South Goa as subtle as you like. Quite beaches ideal for people who love peace. All in all Goa has everything you ask for.